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How smart is your MR imaging?

Our ECHELON Smart 1.5T MRI scanner tackles your Radiology challenges head-on. It delivers versatile clinical capabilities with clear images and measurements for qualitative and quantitative diagnosis - and at a reasonable cost.

  • SmartQUALITY for consistent image quality with advanced features for fat suppression, plaque evaluation, hemodynamics, neurovascular imaging, and many more.
  • SmartCOMFORT for patient-friendly MRI scans, with less noise or non-contrast imaging.
  • SmartSPEED to boost productivity, streamline workflow and enhance patient throughput with easy and fast operation.
  • SmartSPACE for a small footprint and flexible layout options.
  • SmartECO to minimise your power usage – reducing both your ecological and economical impact.
  • Reduced noise levels decrease patient anxiety without prolonging scan time or compromising the image quality, thanks to SoftSound.
  • Image complex hemodynamics without injecting your patient with any contrast agents - via BeamSAT TOF or VASC-ASL, for angiography, perfusion and diffusion imaging.
  • User-friendly with various fully automated operations and easy-to-use functions.
  • Remote application support to help optimise protocols, train technicians - and control the entire exam online with SENTINEL™.
  • Remote maintenance support delivers automatic notification of anything suspicious via SENTINEL™ - maximising your uptime.
  • Equipped with multiple sequences to tackle all your clinical MR imaging challenges.
  • All around RADAR imaging to reduce motion artefacts.
  • Quantitative mapping of iron dispositions and plaque with SIR Map and T2* Map.
  • Various fat suppression methods with minimised influence of magnetic susceptibility - like STIR, FatSep, H-Sinc or Water Excitation.
  • A wealth of advanced imaging features like RAPID, TIGRE, ADAGE, TRAQ, FLUTE, VASC, BSI and isoFSE.
  • Individual shimming per patient for a uniform magnetic field, outstanding image quality and increased patient comfort with HOSS.
  • Low energy consumption with zero boil-off, less heat discharge and Power Saving mode.
  • Compact design suitable for small rooms, with long cables that can connect to equipment rooms further away. 
  • 1.5 Tesla superconducting MRI scanner.
  • Powerful RF chain with 18kW.
  • Powerful gradient with 33mT/m max. strength and 130T/m/s max. slew rate.
  • 50cm FOV in all axis.
  • 16 channels receiver coils for highest sensitivity.
  • Fully motorised patient table with multiple coil connectors.

  • Automatic slice positioning with AutoPose.
  • Multi-channel coils for easy positioning and fast scanning with WIT (Workflow Integrated Technology)

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